No wastemind, no wasteland anywhere on this earth.

We are committed to helping an average human being in any remote corner of this world, to discover the true potential of his own capacities, and the abundant potential when he can network from his neighborhood and in the process become autonomous in fulfilling all his needs, by using the latest knowledge brought to him in a demystified manner.It brings dynamic change in any particular area of life and transformation in the society is shown in the specific context of agriculture and energy worked out to address the basic problems of our world like poverty, subsistence, environmental degradation and wastage of energy.The approach and methodology for creating self learning knowledge networks to resolve any problems in various life situations. It is immensely useful and stimulating.Sharing of knowledge through participatory interactions and involvements to resolve one’s problems in the real life situation. It is not teaching but meeting ( co-ordination and linking ) of mind process where those interested in the problem study and learn together to be get their new insight and vision out of the schooled system of education.

Eco- economics
In nature the whole eco system runs on energy exchange carried through the food chain. All energy harvesting, conserving, investing, is carried in energy equivalent terms. In human relations the exchange goes in terms of monetary system that is governed on demand and supply principles and not on basic principles of energy equivalence as in the eco system. Economic thinking based on these new understanding of weaving of eco system is called eco eco-economics.Entropy tries to increase disorder in the system while living organisms build more and more complex order through the already existing disorder, in the entire process of its metabolism, as its survival rests on the principle of pumping out (entropy) outside its system.Knowing and understanding how nature by using the same resources as are in our neighborhood, has built this enchanting, ever enriching, bewitching maze of the eco system is termed as resource literacy. Those who are ignorant of these processes are resource illiterates.Agriculture in which sun, science, sharing, ( of knowledge and natural resources) and sovereignty( freedom to take decision) predominate is called sagriculture. We all are dedicated to spread the message of sagriculture for the very existence of life on earth. (Courtesy Plenty for All)