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God”s Own Doctor is the life history of Dr.B M Hegde who is propagating Holistic Medicine all over the world. He is the founder editor of journal of the science of healing outcomes. It is the part of a new system of medical care delivery for the common good of human kind, using the superb emergency care of modern medicine
joined to the duly authenticated epidemiologically proven healing outcomes in many of the complementary systems of medicine in the world, which have stood the test of time, to do the most good to most people most of the time.

Living the Green Dream is the story of a man who have transformed desert into a forest. To him planting trees is more pious than pilgrimmages and thousand prayers. The green philosophy depicted in a short story BHUMIYUDE AVAKASHIKAL by Vaikom Muhammed Basheer is brought back to life in this lakeshore village .

In the time being Dayal has put forward innumerable lessons he learned from the forest which can be implemented in our farmlands. Direct communion with plants , dance of life on its leaves, those little poems on its stems, enchanting fragrance of wild fruits, the healthy tendrils falling in deep love with rain and sun euphorically climbing on the trees , trees blooming in its embraces …..


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