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All knowledge should be freely available to all people at all times. No single institution should claim authority to be the sole entity to impart education and award degrees. Learning, earning livelihood and living must be closely and constantly linked. When we are living in the true sense, we are learning. Knowledge is an inseparable part of Life. No person’s knowledge is more valuable than of his fellow person. It can only be different.


EcoCentric Living

Nature has its own rule. Every organisms, wind, water except humans moves in accordance with the rule of nature. It’s the egoistic attitude of scientists to tame the nature that creates problems. A short term victory over nature’s law is possible. This has made science to travel in the wrong path. This should be corrected. Better technologies attuned with nature should be developed for our children. If we teach our children the nature’s law they would develop sustainable technology. First step for that is to step into soil and start farming.

Science of Soil Health

We must learn to be in tune with the soil, micro organisms and crops. This is possible through eco friendly farming. Leading the younger ones on the right path is possible only through naturally learned farming. A child who learns the law of nature will never indulge in anti social activities.

Preservation of Bio diversity

There is no pest in nature. Nature won’t allow any organism to grow unnecessarily. Every species has its own role. When any creature outgrows because of human intervention is considered as pest. Nature controls the pests through its food cycle.

Indigenous seeds

When soil is infertile, do not expect any seeds to produce high yield. When we upgrade the soil even low yielding variety of seeds will start yielding better due to internal transformation. Instead of Genetically altering and hybridising the seeds, we should enhance the soil. Evolution of seeds is a slow process

What We Do

We are promoting Natueco farming for the preservation of biodiversity.The more diverse an environment, the more opportunities there are for other oraganism to live, the more oraganisms in a ecosystem, the more stable it is.

Eco Health Programs

Like a mother who ensures her child’s safety, we should live with vegetation. Breast feeding symbolizes a stream flow of pure love from a mother…


Grassroot Learning

One entering this field should understand the language of paddy. Perceive what the mangotree says. One should know the language of grass, language of bamboo,…

Dr.B M Hegde – Health for All.

Dr.B M Hegde is a Fellow of all the four Royal Colleges of Physicians. The Dublin College gave him an Honorary Fellowship. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology as also of the Indian Academy of Medical Sciences. Professor Hegde heads the World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences which is the subsidiary of the parent body in the US, The Friends of Health. Former CJI, Justice MN Venkatachaliah, former CBI Director, DR Kaarthikeyan, and Founder Director IIM Bangalore, Professor Ramswamy are his Trustees. (more…)

Science is ever changing Science is ever changing

Science is ever changing

Science means knowledge. It changes with time. But nature’s law never changes. We have to obey it for a sustainable life. Nearly hundred trillion bacteria, fungi, viruses and other micro organisms compose your body’s micro flora and advancing science has made it quite clear that these organisms play a major role in your health both mental and physical. 1.http://www.beyondorganicfarming.in/ 2.http://www.thejsho.com/ 3.http://ofai.org/

Eco Health Documentaries Eco Health Documentaries

Eco Health Documentaries

God"s Own Doctor is the life history of Dr.B M Hegde who is propagating Holistic Medicine all over the world. He is the founder editor of journal of the science of healing outcomes. It is the part of a new system of medical care delivery for the common good of human kind, using the superb emergency care of modern medicine joined to the duly authenticated epidemiologically proven healing outcomes in many of the complementary systems of medicine in the world, which have stood the test of time, to do the most good to most people most of the time. (more…)

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